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  4. Team work



No matter where you're going, go as a team.

  • It takes a team

    To achieve a dream

  • A group of Global Team Toyota's female basketball players use Toyota's Automated Driving Vehicle, LQ, to go on a joyous road trip from the practice court to the Olympic court. They trek through small towns to global cities all while using Yui, the LQ's onboard A.I. system, to pump themselves up for the big game.

  • All for fun.

    Fun for all.

  • Meet Yui, your newest A.I. teammate.

    An A.I. equipped vehicle that will be the newest member for every team. The Toyota Automated Driving Vehicle, LQ, will not only get your team where you need to go, but thanks to Yui, its onboard A.I. agent, you'll have a new teammate that will help you and your team make the most of every journey so you can get where you're going in style, safety, and in high spirits.

  • Introducing the LQ and YUI

  • Your newest star player is a car.

    LQ is an automated driving vehicle that leverages an A.I. agent, Yui, to build an emotional bond between car and driver to deliver a personalized experience. Think of it as your personal chauffeur, D.J., and newest teammate.